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Traveling Programs

Lakeville North Basketball
John Oxton

John Oxton

Lakeville North Head Coach

Program Overview

Lakeville North Boys Traveling Basketball adheres to the philosophy that players having more advanced skills should be given the opportunity to enhance their abilities under the best conditions possible. We believe that the best conditions exist when a more challenging and therefore more competitive environment is created. We believe that competition against players of equal ability is healthy for the boys physically and mentally and that the boys will grow as they strive to overcome these greater challenges.

Our goal is two fold:

  • Development of a positive self-esteem. That each boy feels good about themselves and can be proud of the effort they've given.
  • Development of well-balanced mental strength. That each person has a positive mental approach in handling the rewards of success, as well as the correct mental approach and strength to handle the emotional feelings associated with a setback.

Boys Traveling Basketball serves grades 4th through 8th, with 8 - 10 players per team.  Note:   the teams will consist of Lakeville residents or students of the Lakeville North school system.

The Lakeville North Boys Basketball Association Traveling Teams will play in 8 to 10 weekend tournaments. The season runs from mid-October to mid-March. All 4th through 8th Grade teams will practice 2 to 3 times a week in the evening.

Tournaments can range from a trip to a nearby community, to an out-of-town trip, staying overnight. The Traveling Director will set up all tournament schedules. Parents are required to help out with the traveling program in one capacity or another.

We want the Boys to develop the habit of thinking as a winner ("I can", "Never give up", etc.) and working hard to win. In the end, we want them to handle winning graciously, and to accept losing with strength.