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Welcome to the Lakeville North Boys Basketball Association

Please take full opportunity of this site to get scheduling information, directions, applications, and registration forms.

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The 2017 Panther Classic Tournament Registration is OPEN. 

Photos: Sue Nelson SGN Imagery

2016 Lakeville North Boys Basketball 10,000 Shot Club

For all boys 4th grade and up June 13th – October 2nd
The Lakeville North 10,000 Shot Club is a chance for you to improve your shooting skills over the summer. 10,000 quality shots/makes during the course of the summer is all it takes to become a member of the 10,000 shot club. That’s just 100 shots/makes per day. It shouldn’t take you more than 10-20 minutes a day to shoot 100 quality shots/makes. Challenge yourself and your friends, and improve your shooting at the same time.
Simply fill out the form and mail or email it before October 15th. In order to qualify for an award, the following criteria must be met.
 Print your name and year in school at the top of the chart.
 Starting date is June 13th, running through October 2nd.
 Record your total shots/makes at the bottom of the chart.
 For grades 4-8, you must attempt 10,000 shots
 For grades 9-12, you must make 10,000 shots.
 Have your parent’s sign your sheet verifying completion of the program.
 Deadline for returning shot charts is October 15th.


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About Us

The Lakeville North Boys' Basketball Association desires to promote participation and interest in the boy's basketball programs in grades K – 8 for boys living in the Lakeville North school district. Through constructive coaching and administration, we hope to improve the boy’s skills at all levels, to develop an awareness of themselves and their capabilities, and to promote a spirit of good sportsmanship

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