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Lakeville North Boys Basketball Association

Please take full opportunity of this site to get scheduling information, directions, applications, and registration forms.

Please contact us if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.

CAMP UPDATE 6/10/2020


Due to time and space restraints we will only be offering limited number of camps this summer.  

Our camps will be limited to kids going into 4th - 8th grade.   Please find more information below.  



Click here to go to the Traveling page to view the traveling schedule and team information.


Click here to go to the In-House page.

High School Program

Click here for information on high school program (9th-12th)

Lakeville North Boys Basketball Sponsors

About Us

The Lakeville North Boys' Basketball Association desires to promote participation and interest in the boy's basketball programs in grades K – 8 for boys living in the Lakeville North school district. Through constructive coaching and administration, we hope to improve the boy’s skills at all levels, to develop an awareness of themselves and their capabilities, and to promote a spirit of good sportsmanship